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Onyx Slide Manual

The manual for the Onyx Slide sensor is now available. The Onyx Slide is the little guy on the left. Onyx Slide Manual [click to download] The product itself is available for order with PayPal payment through mail right now; we’re working on an easier channel for purchasing it, but the high overhead cost of […]

Onyx Fire II boards available for purchase!

Onyx Fire II

I’m using Fulfillment by Amazon to sell these boards. This means that I pack them in boxes, print bar code labels, and mail them off to Amazon, and then when you buy them, Amazon takes care of the credit cards and packing and mailing part. They charge me about $9/piece to do this, and if you return it, […]

Onyx Fire II Manual

The full manual for the Onyx Fire II board is now available for download as a PDF file. Onyx Fire II Manual (click to download)  

Onyx Fire II sample Arduino sketches

The Onyx Fire II is back from the factory, and is looking great! I have written a couple of sketches to show how to control it from an Arduino Uno board. If you’re using a different microcontroller, hopefully the code in these sketches will help you out in understanding the protocol as well. You can […]

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Coming Soon: Onyx Fire II Control Board

The Onyx Fire II is developed to control the AEG airsoft gun and motor-based agitator/un-jammer for the Onyx II Mech Warfare robot. This board supports the TTL UART protocol used by the Robotis Dynamixel series of servos, up to 2 Mbps communication speed. It also supports RC-style PWM control, and plain digital I/O (5V, 3.3V.) […]