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Onyx Slide available for purchase!

The Onyx Slide is a companion product to the Onyx Fire II. It connects to the SLIDE port at the bottom of the Onyx Fire, and lets you stop the triggered action of the Onyx Fire II when a mechanism has returned to its initial position.

Using an infrared emitter and an infra-red sensor, the Onyx Slide can detect objects between 0.4mm and 4mm in front of the sensor head, with the sweet spot being about 1mm in front of the sensor. The board is also designed to fit well into a groove on the Robot Part Assembly A from Shapeways, and fasten through the same M3 screw as you use to fasten that assembly.


The Onyx Slide package also include a cable designed to hook up the Onyx Slide sensor to your Onyx Fire II or other microcontroller.



You can find the full Onyx Slide manual online right here.

You can buy it straight from this site:


The sensor comes with a three-wire cable to connect it to the Onyx Fire II or the microcontroller of your choice, as seen in the picture above.


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