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Onyx Fire II boards available for purchase!

I’m using Fulfillment by Amazon to sell these boards. This means that I pack them in boxes, print bar code labels, and mail them off to Amazon, and then when you buy them, Amazon takes care of the credit cards and packing and mailing part. They charge me about $9/piece to do this, and if you return it, Amazon charges me the full cost, so there’s some risk there, but they are much better set up to mail out products in a timely manner than my kitchen table is 🙂



You can also buy straight from this site:

. ($35+s/h)

Please contact me at helpme@onyxrobots.com before ordering if you want to ship somewhere that doesn’t have a US zip code.

If you use this board with an airsoft gun, the airsoft gun needs to have a permanently attached bright orange tip, at least 1/4″ long.

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