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Onyx Slide available for purchase!

Onyx Slide

The Onyx Slide is a companion product to the Onyx Fire II. It connects to the SLIDE port at the bottom of the Onyx Fire, and lets you stop the triggered action of the Onyx Fire II when a mechanism has returned to its initial position. Using an infrared emitter and an infra-red sensor, the […]

Coming Soon: Onyx Fire II Control Board

The Onyx Fire II is developed to control the AEG airsoft gun and motor-based agitator/un-jammer for the Onyx II Mech Warfare robot. This board supports the TTL UART protocol used by the Robotis Dynamixel series of servos, up to 2 Mbps communication speed. It also supports RC-style PWM control, and plain digital I/O (5V, 3.3V.) […]