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May, 2014

Onyx Slide available for purchase!

Onyx Slide

The Onyx Slide is a companion product to the Onyx Fire II. It connects to the SLIDE port at the bottom of the Onyx Fire, and lets you stop the triggered action of the Onyx Fire II when a mechanism has returned to its initial position. Using an infrared emitter and an infra-red sensor, the […]

Onyx Slide Manual

The manual for the Onyx Slide sensor is now available. The Onyx Slide is the little guy on the left. Onyx Slide Manual [click to download] The product itself is available for order with PayPal payment through mail right now; we’re working on an easier channel for purchasing it, but the high overhead cost of […]

Onyx Fire II boards available for purchase!

Onyx Fire II

I’m using Fulfillment by Amazon to sell these boards. This means that I pack them in boxes, print bar code labels, and mail them off to Amazon, and then when you buy them, Amazon takes care of the credit cards and packing and mailing part. They charge me about $9/piece to do this, and if you return it, […]