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Coming Soon: Onyx Fire II Control Board

The Onyx Fire II is developed to control the AEG airsoft gun and motor-based agitator/un-jammer for the Onyx II Mech Warfare robot.

This board supports the TTL UART protocol used by the Robotis Dynamixel series of servos, up to 2 Mbps communication speed. It also supports RC-style PWM control, and plain digital I/O (5V, 3.3V.)

The board acts as two power outputs with PWM control; you don’t have to drive guns; you can drive any other low- to medium-power load (up to 18V and 30A burst; 5A continuous.) However, this board is NOT a “full bridge” and thus cannot, for example, reverse the direction of a motor.

The board comes packed with a cable that lets you connect to other three-pin 2.5mm Moxlex SPOX-based servos (like the Dynamixel AX and MX-T series) as well as Arduino- and RC-style 100 mil spacing male pin headers.

The board will be available later this spring.

Onyx Fire II prototype boards

These prototypes show all the features of Onyx Fire II, except for the RC-style servo PWM input.



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