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Onyx Slide Manual

The manual for the Onyx Slide sensor is now available. The Onyx Slide is the little guy on the left. Onyx Slide Manual [click to download] The product itself is available for order with PayPal payment through mail right now; we’re working on an easier channel for purchasing it, but the high overhead cost of […]

Onyx Fire II Manual

The full manual for the Onyx Fire II board is now available for download as a PDF file. Onyx Fire II ManualĀ (click to download)  

Onyx Fire II sample Arduino sketches

The Onyx Fire II is back from the factory, and is looking great! I have written a couple of sketches to show how to control it from an Arduino Uno board. If you’re using a different microcontroller, hopefully the code in these sketches will help you out in understanding the protocol as well. You can […]

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